Friday, February 8, 2013

PRO TIPS: Breaking out of a Slump

Ten-pin bowling in action
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At one time or another most bowlers have experienced a slump or a sustained period of bowling below their level. There are a lot of reasons why a person may be in a slump. In most cases it boils down to something missing in their technique and can be corrected through going back to the basics. In addition to reviewing the basics, review the bowling equipment that you are using.

Sometimes bowling lane conditions even in the same league from week to week and from pair to pair vary. If your slump is an extended one of 4 or 5 weeks it can have a serious impact on your mental game and confidence level. The mental can affect the physical and the physical can affect the mental. 

All serious bowlers should have a checklist and keys to their game that identifies the things that they do when they are bowling well. I check my stance position to make sure I am facing my target line and I am balanced before I begin my approach. I also make sure I have my hand position set and that I have picked out what target I want to hit before I begin my approach. 

Learn to establish a routine that works and stick to it. Because everyone is different their routine will be somewhat different than other bowlers. In terms of keys to your game, they may include certain techniques that help you keep your timing in check, your release consistent, your armswing relaxed, etc.

A good instructor can help you identify the keys to your game. If you have corrected your physical game and you are still experiencing a bowling slump, it probably has affected your mental game and you may be lacking in confidence. 

A suggestion is not to try too hard and make the decision that you are going to enjoy your bowling. This may allow you to relax a little more and not put so much pressure on yourself. Try to mentally focus on some of your good bowling performances and try to get into the same frame of mind you were in when you bowl well. If you are making changes in your game or getting used to some new bowling equipment try to get in a few more practice games during the week so you will not have to use your league session for practice. 

These are just a few ideas to help you break out of that slump sooner and get back to bowling your best. 

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